What is Homespun Fabric?

What is homespun fabric?

Homespun fabric is a woven fabric that is typically made of either cotton, wool or linen. It is a simple weave, with the front indistinguishable from the back. It has a primitive, hand-spun look with a real country feel and normally comes in solid colours, checks or plaid.

This simple fabric is often associated with pioneer life in America.  For example, women would spin and weave wool to make fabrics for clothing. Undoubtedly, most of us will remember the television programme “Little House on the Prairie”. 

Due to its simple weave, homespun fabric frays very easily.  Consequently, it is perfect for making rag quilts.  Red Bridge Quilts often makes homespun rag quilts.  They give such a cosy, comfy feel to any home.  See this Homespun Rag Quilt currently on sale in the shop. 

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