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Welcome to Red Bridge Quilts
Your source for unique handmade
patchwork quilts
and quilted décor
Made in Ireland

Give the gift of a beautiful handmade quilt

Why Red Bridge Quilts?

Quilting is my passion, and I’ve made it my business. Learn more about my story.

100% cotton fabric

The next best thing to snuggling skin-to-skin

Machine washable

All fabrics are pre-washed at a recommended temperature of 30°C

Tumble dryer safe

Pre-washed fabrics guaranteed not to shrink or fade

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Discover the world of quilting

Why quilting is a way of life

The art of quilting has been around for quite a long time, perhaps even as far back as ancient Egypt.  Historically, quilters have made extensive use of remnants and offcuts to create an entirely new product.  Therefore, quilting is a fine example of upcycling and sustainability, making this age-old tradition an environmentally aware art form. 

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