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You will find the answers to many frequently asked questions on this page. 

My Order

Has my order been placed? 

An order confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided as soon as your order has been registered in the system. Please note that it may take up to an hour for this email to be sent. You will receive another confirmation email once your order has been packaged and posted.  You should expect to receive your package within 1-10 days from the date of dispatch, depending upon your location.

If you are unsure that your order has been placed, there are different ways to check this:

- When the order was placed, you should have arrived on a page titled "Your order".
- An order confirmation was sent to your specified email address. Make sure that this email has not ended up in your spam.
- You can see your order on your account (if you have created one). Go to "My Account".

I cannot order or find a product.  What does this mean?

To maintain fast deliveries, you can only purchase products that are in stock. Should you try to purchase more items than what is in stock, the order will not go through and the system will automatically revert to the number of items in stock at the moment.

Can I cancel my order? 

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact Red Bridge Quilts as soon as possible by calling the number listed in the contact information or by sending an email to  As long as your request is received before the order has been dispatched, RBQ will honour your request. Or, you can also cancel your order through the "Track Order" link at the bottom of any page.  You will see this option to cancel your order only if it is still within the 30-minute remorse period.  

In order to maintain a quick turnaround and fast delivery times, your order will be processed as soon as it has entered the system. Therefore, Red Bridge Quilts cannot guarantee that your order can be cancelled. 

Can I add a product to an order? 

It is not possible to add or remove items in an existing order. However, you can place another order and if it is possible to add this to your package before posting, Red Bridge Quilts will do so but will inform you if there are added shipping costs and request payment for such before posting.

You may contact customer service to confirm when or if the change has been made.

Can I order by phone or email? 

Yes.  You can place an order over the phone or by email, and a payment link will be sent to you.  Upon receiving your payment, Red Bridge Quilts will dispatch your order to you.


Can I change my shipping address?

If you want to change your shipping address, please contact customer service as soon as possible. In order to maintain fast delivery times, your order is processed as soon as it has entered the system. Once your order has been processed, Red Bridge Quilts cannot guarantee any changes.  Keep in mind that a change of shipping address may incur a change in the shipping charge, depending on the destination. 

When will my order be sent? 

Red Bridge Quilts strives to ship all orders within one business day. 

Where is my package?

Please see above under "Where is my order?"

What if I have not received my order? 

If you have not received your order within the promised time frame, please contact our customer service so we can resolve the issue for you. Please note that a missing parcel claim must be reported to us within 30 days from the day that you placed the order.


What different forms of payment do you accept? 


With a PayPal account, you will be able to easily pay with your e-mail address and password. If you do not already have one, you will need to create a PayPal account.  Read more about paying with PayPal.

Debit and Credit Cards 

Red Bridge Quilts accepts most major debit and credit cards.  

Apple Pay

Apple Pay provides an easy and secure way to make payments in your iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS apps, and on websites in Safari. 

Google Pay

Google Pay is the fast, easy, and secure way to pay on sites, in apps, and in stores using the cards saved to your Google Account.

Where is my invoice? 

Your invoice is the email order confirmation which is sent to your email address upon placing your order.  A copy of this invoice will also be included with your package. 

I am having an issue with paying at checkout. 

If you experience problems with ordering on the website, it may be because you are trying to pay with a card issuer or payment method that is currently not supported by Red Bridge Quilts.  If this is not applicable, please check with your bank to make sure your card supports international purchases.

Should you have any further problems, please contact customer service.

Promotions & Offers

How long are promotions and offers valid? 

Please be sure You can find information about promotions and offers in the Red Bridge Quilts newsletters and on the website. to sign up for the RBQ newsletter to receive up-to-date information about special promotions and offers. 

Product and price information is provided with reservations for typographical errors, change of price, inventory, any incorrectly stated product descriptions / technical specifications and for items out of stock.

How do I use a coupon code? 

Follow the steps below to use your coupon code:

1. At checkout, click on "click here to enter your coupon code".

2. Enter the code and click "ok"

Keep in mind that you can only use one discount code per order.  After the code has been used it is invalid. Discount codes can be linked to specific products, thresholds and/or campaigns.

How do I use a gift card? 

Follow the steps below to use your gift card:

1.  At the checkout, enter the gift card code in the space provided and click "Apply". 
2.  The value of the gift card will now be deducted from your order total.
3.  If the gift card does not cover the total of your order, you can choose which payment method you want to use for the remaining amount.

When buying a digital gift card from Red Bridge Quilts, keep the following in mind:
- If you buy any item other than the digital gift card. the email with the gift card will be sent to your email address when your parcel is shipped.

- If you buy a digital gift card, it may take up to 24 hours before it is sent to the designated email.

Gift cards terms:

- The gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
- You can use part of the gift card to pay for an order. You do not need to use the full amount in one purchase.
- Gift cards may not be exchanged or returned.
- Gift cards are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for money.

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