How to Fold a Quilt

how to fold a quilt

Do you know how to fold a quilt for storage?  As you’re putting away your seasonal quilts, remember to take all the necessary steps to keep them in pristine condition for next year!

First, wash your quilt!
Next, add a label if you haven’t already.
Then, snap a photo! (I love the free My Quilts App for documenting my quilts)
Lastly, fold your quilt on the bias to help reduce deep crease lines while it’s stored away.

I previously published a post on “How to Care for Your Quilt”.  This referred to an article mentioning a simple folding process.  However, if you store your quilts folded (rather than rolled or flat on a bed), then bias folding is a great technique to help you avoid deep creases over time!  To clarify this sometimes confusing method, read this detailed explanation in a post by “Hailey Stitches”.  She even includes a video for those (me included!) who find visual aids very helpful. 

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