How to Care for Your Quilt

how to care for your quilt

You’ve bought a beautiful handmade quilt, or perhaps you’ve made one yourself, and you hope it will become a family heirloom. You will need to know how to care for your quilt.  How do you make sure that your quilt will hold up for generations to come?  It takes a bit of effort, but it is certainly worth it.  Think of a great-grandchild one day touching and admiring a quilt that you made!  I have two handmade quilts made by my husband’s great-grandmother.  The first is a beautifully hand-embroidered and hand-quilted Nursery Rhymes quilt dated 1925.  The second one is a gorgeous hand-quilted Basket of Flowers quilt made around the same time.  They are nearly one hundred years old and still in very good condition.  Definitely family heirlooms!  I enjoy looking at both these quilts and wondering about this woman I never met. 

This very helpful article published by Quiltd Studios will tell you how to care for your quilt.

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