Save Those Scraps!

scraps of colourful fabric

Quilters are hoarders.  That is a known fact.  However, this is not a criticism.  If you are a quilter, then it’s good to be a hoarder.  Just what are we hanging on to?  Fabric scraps!  Every time we make a quilt, we will undoubtedly have leftover bits of fabric.  We never throw them away.   That’s an unwritten rule!  Unless they are much too small to be of any use for future projects, we will hang on to them.  We might divide them up into colour groups.  We might put them in bags, in drawers, or in boxes.  Surely we will be able to use them at some point, if only to make a scrap quilt.

I have two sets of four plastic drawer units and two large plastic storage boxes all filled with fabric scraps.  The scraps in the drawers are divided by colour.  However, the fabrics in the boxes are a mix.  I dip into them all from time to time to look for a bit of fabric that matches what I am making at that particular moment.  Or I might gather enough fabric scraps to make a small project.  BUT I WILL NEVER THROW ANY OF THEM AWAY!  I never know when I might need that one particular bit of fabric that I have hoarded. 

Read this account by the Quilting Contessa about how 32-year-old fabric scraps prolonged the life of a much loved quilt.  Without a doubt, after reading this you will never throw away another scrap again! 

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