How to Use a Seam Ripper the Right Way

how to use a seam ripper

Do you have and use a seam ripper?  If you sew, then you will definitely be familiar with this handy little tool.  But do you know the purpose of that little red ball? 

As a quilter, I am very familiar with my seam ripper.  In fact, I use it quite often!  Whether you sew or quilt, I am sure that you will have had to tear out a seam or two from time to time.  Although it can be very frustrating having to rip out a seam, we know we must do it.  Otherwise, we probably won’t be happy with the results. 

However, do you know what the purpose of that little red ball is on the shorter side of this useful implement?  I have to admit, that I had been sewing for quite some time before I discovered its purpose.  It’s not just for decoration!  Take a look at this YouTube video to find out.  Without doubt, once you learn how to use your seam ripper the RIGHT way,  you will learn to appreciate this little tool even more!  

Also, notice how Mary uses her sewing machine’s presser foot to hold the fabric down while she tears out the seam.  What a clever trick! I also like the special cap to remove the loose threads.  

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