What is a Rag Quilt?

What is a rag quilt?

What is a rag quilt?  In general, it is a quilt made with exposed seams that fray when laundered.

I have made quite a few rag quilts over the past number of years.  In fact, I love making them!  Although they appear to be difficult to make, they’re really quite easy.  Nevertheless, they do require time and patience.  For example, the most time-consuming and boring part of the process is clipping the edges of the seams.  Thank goodness for my spring-loaded scissors!  Of course, this is the most important step.  Critically, the edges of the seams must be clipped iin order for the fabric to fray when washed. 

What is a rag quilt?
Clipping the edges of the seams

What kind of rag quilts does RBQ make? 

Specifically, I make rag quilts for babies as well as rag quilt throws.  For babies, I always use three different cotton flannel fabrics in nursery prints.  There are so many patterns available, and cotton flannel gives such a soft and warm result.  Each square in my baby quilts consists of three layers, one square from each of the three fabrics.

In similar fashion, I make throws using either cotton flannel or cotton homespun.  I make the cotton flannel throws in the same manner as the baby quilts.  However, for the homespun rag quilts I use only two layers of homespun.  Critically though, I use a layer of cotton wadding in between these layers.  The edges are clipped in the same way as with cotton flannel.    

What is a rag quilt?  To summarize, and for more information, see this definition by The Quilt Show’s “Quiltipedia”.

At the moment, I have only one of these quilts available in the Shop.    Specifically, that is the Pink Baby Rag Quilt.  However, I will soon be adding a homespun rag quilt throw to the Shop.

Below are some photos of a few of the rag quilts I have made in the past.  Take a close-up look at them.  This will help answer the question “What is a rag quilt?”. 

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