Cats and Quilts

cats and quilts


Do cats and quilts go together?  Of course!!  Cats love to lie on or under anything soft and warm, but should they be allowed in your quilting studio?  They are great company for you while you are working, and may even jump onto your lap while you sew. However, do you want them lying on your fabrics or finished quilts?  As much as I love cats, I would not want them in my sewing area.  I say this only as a professional quilter selling products  to the public.  Bandit, pictured above, was our son’s lovely cat that we looked after for several years.  He was a very well-behaved, very loving, gentle cat.  However, I never allowed him anywhere near my fabrics.

If you are a cat owner, you know that you will undoubtedly find cat hair almost everywhere in your home.  If you sew for yourself or your family and have a cat, then you will be accustomed to having cat hair finding its way onto your fabrics.  However, a professional quilter must be very careful about this.  A pet-free environment is very important if you are selling products to the public.  A buyer may have a pet allergy or simply would not be happy with cat hair on that beautifully made quilt just purchased.  

Take a look at this interesting article on “8 Characteristics of a Quilting Cat” from “Quilting Hub” for a different perspective. What do you think about cats and quilts?

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