A Glass Quilt

Blocks of patterned glass connected together to look like a quilt

None of us will ever forget the COVID pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.  Looking back, the lockdown meant something different for everyone.  For me, it was a time without stress.  It was a chance to catch up with many small projects without any outside interference.  For a group of glass artists, it was a very creative period.  It allowed them time to collaborate virtually on a very special piece of art–a glass quilt.

Recently, I visited The National Museum of Ireland–Country Life at Turlough Park near Castlebar in Co. Mayo.  It is a fabulous museum not to be missed if you ever have an opportunity to visit.  I enjoyed the museum immensely, but I was also very interested in visiting the library at Turlough Park House.  The library was housing a temporary exhibit, “A Breath of Fresh Air – The Keep Well Glass Quilt”.  It was the result of a collaboration between 50 glass artists.  These artists worked together virtually during the third wave of Covid-19 and the lockdown to create this ‘glass quilt’ masterpiece.  Read more about this very interesting and beautiful display.

Read about the history of quilting here.

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